Currently working to 5 to 7 working day turnaround before postage
Currently working to 5 to 7 working day turnaround before postage
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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

When I started The Smelly Cow Co in September 2019, I knew from the beginning I wanted my business to be as eco conscious as it could be.  I've spent countless hours; making sure I work with companies that have similar values, sourcing sustainable products, making sure packaging is recyclable and following the reduce, reuse and recycle philosophy.

Firstly all the raw materials used are sustainably sourced, from wax to oils.  They are also vegan friendly and cruelty free.  Glitter is in the process of being changed over to fully biodegradable and plant based.

I only purchase sustainable packaging.  Each of my melts are placed within glassine bags.  These are fully compostable / recyclable when labels are removed.  Going forward i'm getting rid of my logo labels on as many products as possible and replacing with stamped logo.  This is to help reduce the waste created by myself and to be as plastic free as possible.  My packing peanuts dissolve under running water.  If you'd rather dispose without this method they are also compostable.

Sample boxes are the only product I sell that comes in plastic packaging.  These are refillable when choosing one of the refill options.  I'll send you out the melts, individually wrapped with CLP  attached and with new clp to apply to the bottom of your sample box.  The refill pack just slot into place within the boxes.  

From a shipping point of view, I re-purpose boxes, bubble wrap, plastic air products that are in good condition from order's delivered by my wholesaler's

I provide candle refill's for the majority of candle jars I carry.  I'm also working on being able to provide refills for any jars you may have at home that previously contained candle's.  This means the jar isn't going to waste.   Other uses I have found for my own empty candle jars are; plant pot for my ever growing family of succulents, make up brush holder, stationary holder, pretty storage to hold wax melts next to my burner's, bubble scoop holder, bath salt holder.  The possibilities are endless!

There always way to improve your carbon footprint.  Even the smallest of changes helps in the long run.  If there is anything you think I can improve on then defo let me know!

<3 Kar xx


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