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2021 - The Year of Self Care

2021, the year where all the shite of 2020 was reset and things were meant to be better.  Unfortunately that hasn't been the case as the entirety of the UK entered back into a full lockdown.

Up here in bonnie Scotland, Glasgow and surrounding areas have been in tier 4 since October i think? I'm unsure, all the days and months are running into one another.

Either way, i've found myself upping my self care game.  Listening to my body has been key to this.  Some days I wake i'm full of motivation.  Others I struggle with my pain (Hopefully this year I'll finally get my referral and have a diagnosis).  Finding a balance is different but something I plan to work on this year.

If we don't look after ourselves we can't look after others.  For us to function we need to make sure all of our basic needs are met and that we aren't a dick to ourselves.  If we don't practice self care then what we put out into the world will be negative.

Throughout 2020 I found myself needing a boost to the relaxation and mindfullness that working on Smelly Cow provided.  I have always been a huge lavender fan.  I drench myself, bedding, pillows and husband at times in it before bed.  I have always enjoyed using essential oils but 2020 was the year where iI became obsessed.

Pair essential oils with the healing properties of crystals, I started to feel the added boost my mental health needed.  Queue the obsession that started and my collection of both grew quickly.

My favourtite oils are lavender and sweet orange.  These work well individually but when combined the scent is out of this world.  These are the two that feature mostly in my bedroom diffuser.  A fantastic way to naturally deodorise the room but also highly beneficial in promoting calm.

Quite often i'll show Mr Smelly Cow my Crystals (bowl of rocks as he calls them).  So much so he bought me a beautiful amethyst tree which now sits proudly on my bedside table.  Amethyst is my favourite as it helps; relieves stresses, alleviates low mood and aides in sleep.  It is also beautiful to look at.

The Self Care collection developed from all of the scents I was utilising daily throughout 2020.  It also has the added benefit of some crystals that I have also found myself reaching for over and over again.

Other ways that I love to practice Self Care are; walking the dogs, being outside in nature, playing playstation (this can provide a high level of escapism) and taking the time with my skincare.

How do you practice your self care?

<3 Kar xx

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