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Currently working to 5 to 7 working day turnaround before postage
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Valentine's Collection

Continuing on with making 2021 the year of Self Care, the Valentine's collection is all about self love.  

Self love is hard to achieve.  Every day we pick ourselves apart.  Compare ourselves to others and compare our lives to the picture perfect images found all over social media.  Couple that with the fact 2020 was an absolute shit show and we're in lockdown 234.  We now have even more time be mean and horrible to ourselves.

This collection was created in the hope that by having your favourite perfume / aftershave scenting your home, that would trick your brain and release all those lovely happy chemicals.  Scents can hold such strong emotions and I know with the perfume's I wear, when I smell them they bring me a sense of calm and happiness.

Seven brand new scents join the family - Three perfume inspired; Alien, Dark Opium and La Vie Est Belle.  Three aftershave inspired; Aventos Man, Millionaire and Sauvage.  New and improved Love Heart sweetie inspired scent.  These join the already popular; Bon Bon, Boss Bottled, Chance, Spicebomb and Love is Love.

Alongside the scents there are the new, limited edition Shades of Grey candle collection.  These candle jars are beautiful, can be refilled to be used time and time again but you can also epicycle them.  I know I use my used candle jars for; make up brushes, storing wax melts / tea lights in, keeping my wick trimmer / lighter in.  I've also used previous jars as plant pots.

Back by popular demand was the hot pink chrome candle's and melt burner that first launched for Black Friday.  These are an absolute statement and bound to make you happy with their gorgeous colour.

I'm hoping that this collection will help you take time out, pause and stop being so mean to yourself.  Trust me, your bloody awesome.  Don't let that negativity pull you down!

<3 Kar xx

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