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All About Wax Melts

Over the past few years, wax melts have became super popular.  A quick and easy way to scent your home.  They are much cheaper than candle's (unless you become a total melt addict - You all know who you are!), you can change the scent up multiple times a day without feeling guilty (Is it only me who gets candle guilt?) and scent throw is much stronger.

Even though they are popular there are still some people unsure as to what they are.  Simply put, they are wax combined with fragrance oil.  To use them you'll need a wax melt burner, either electric or tea light.

Here are some common question's I've been asked...

1 - How do melts work? - Pop a piece of melt into the burner well.  As the burner heats up, the wax will begin to melt and release its scent.  Eventually the fragrance will burn out and thats when it's time to change your melt.  The wax will always be present unlike with a candle

2 - Why do wax melts smell much stronger than candle's? - Simple, with wax melts you can use a higher percentage of fragrance oil.  With candle's you need to use a lower percentage as too high will cause lots of problems; tunnelling, drowning the wick and sweating for example - all things you don't want your candle to do. 

3 - What burner is best, tea light or electric? - This is all down to personal choice. With tealight burners you will get a stronger scent throw due to the higher heat from the tea light.  This may make your melt not last as long.  Electric / hotplate burner's tend to not get as hot.  This provides a lighter scent throw and can make the melt last longer.  Personally for me I have mostly tea light burner's as I find some electric don't get hot enough.

4 - What do you prefer? Candle's or Melt's.  I love both.  Nothing beats the warming glow you get from a candle.  It's just soothing for the soul.  Wax melts are great as you can change them frequently.  I know it all depends on my mood what scent I want to burn.  I feel with melts there is much more freedom with scents as they're much cheaper than candle's.  I sometime's feel guilty burning my candle's as I feel they're an investment.

Hopefully this has shed some light on wax melts!  Pictured is my signature melt - The Large Smelly Bar


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