Currently working to 5 to 7 working day turnaround before postage
Currently working to 5 to 7 working day turnaround before postage
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Who is the Smelly Cow?

Hey, Hi, Hello!  You've probably been weeks deep in my Instagram or stalked me on Facebook and now you're here.  
You may be thinking 'who the heck is this Smelly Cow?' Here's a wee bit about me... I'm Karly, Mother of Sighthounds, Full time Nurse, Maker of wax melts, Creator of candles and Khaleesi of The Smelly Cow Co - Any other GoT fans out there or has this reference went right over your head?
I started making wax melts as a way to escape from the stresses of Nursing.  Turns out it's super enjoyable, very mindful and a great way to turn off.  I soon realised I could try and turn this into an indy business as the feedback I received from family and friends was awesome.  I struggled to find a name, it was the one thing holding me back from launching.  Hours and hours were spent thinking and I couldn't find anything I loved.  One night Callum (husband) walked into room and asked 'What you up to ya smelly cow?'.  Instantly i knew that was it.  Checked to make sure no other business out there had the name and BOOM, The Smelly Cow Co was born!
Est September 2019, It's just myself that melts, makes, researches, tests, deals with branding, social media and packs up orders.  Hubby helps out with post office drops, carrying of heavy things, resolver of problems, receiver or multiple daily deliveries (sorry Cal!) and is an absolute godsend who recently revamped my whole workshop - Thank You Mr Smelly Cow!
When i'm not dealing with all things Smelly Cow or Nursing, you can find me either; walking dogs, watching Netflix (anyone else addicted to How To Get Away With Murder'?! That ending though! ), playing PlayStation (Skyrim is my escape), scrolling on TikTok or sleeping.  Absolutely love sleeping, nothing beats a comfy bed thats been drenched in lavender with my weighted blanket (Christmas gift which I couldn't be without!
So that's all I have to say about that.  Just a simple girl living a simple smelly life!  Follow me on Instagram if you love having a nosy, need weather updates mainly for the Glasgow area, like videos of handsome doggo's and pretty pictures.
Cheerio - Karly, The Smelly Cow x

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