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Currently working to 5 to 7 working day turnaround before postage
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World Bee Day

I've always had a soft spot for bee's.  I love watching them float about their business and find their buzzing relaxing. Don't get me started on how cute they are, especially their fluffy butts!  Today is World Bee Day and with that I thought i'd let you know just how important they are.

Bee's are extremely important to our Eco system.  They play a huge role in the pollination of our crops which in turn increases crop yield, helps to aid in natural protection from pests and improves the quality.  They also contribute hugely to environmental conservation.  For such a wee organism they have a massive impact.

How can we help?  If you're able to, planting diverse, native plants which flower at different times of the year.  Don't get rid of your dandelions when they first start flowering, these are the first available food source for bee's after the long winter period. Avoiding using pesticides within your garden. Providing tired bee's with a simple sugar syrup to give them energy. 

You'll tend to find the tired bee's just lying on the ground.  You'll frequently find me popping shallow, jar lids around my garden, some with water and some with simple sugar syrup.  I also plant a lot of wildflower plants as they provide a variety of flowering plants.

To help save the bee's, I recently changed my business card onto wildflower seed infused paper.  Instructions on how to start it growing can be found on my Instagram feed!

Kar <3

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