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Turnaround time 5 - 7 working days excluding delivery. Free shipping on orders over £35
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Large Reed Diffuser - Self Care Collection
The Smelly Cow Co

Large Reed Diffuser - Self Care Collection

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Make 2021 the year you focus on you.  Allow my Self Care Collection to help centre yourself and make your moments of self care smell wonderful.

Brand new product for The Smelly Cow Co - 200ml Reed Diffuser.  Beautiful glass bottle with white lid and fibre reeds.  These reeds provide a high scent throw thanks to the porous structure which allows the scent to disperse evenly along the entire length of the stick.  They don't need turning but you can do if you wish.

Available in two carefully chosen scents;

Good Morning -  Wake yourself up with this combination of orange, bergamot and sage. Finished with patchouli and vanilla. A beautiful scent to get your day started with a great mood

Good Night - Get yourself ready for bed with this herbal fragrance.  Citrus, eucalyptus and camphor.  Heart of lavender and spicy clove on a base of vanilla

150ml Refills and replacement reeds x5 also available seperately.

Important Info

  • Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free
  • Created in small batches with high quality ingredients
  • Perfect for use in smaller rooms
  • Lasts approx 3 months
  • Never mix diffuser oils
  • If using new oil, thoroughly clean and dry diffuser and use new reeds
  • To use - unscrew cap, remove stopper, replace cap and insert reeds
  • After 1hr flip the reeds
  • If you wish flip reeds weekly
  • Never place directly onto surface as oil could damage.  Use a coaster or equivalent
  • Always handle with care 
  • Do not place on electrical items
  • Keep out of direct sunlight / direct heat - This will make the oil evaporate quickly
  • Keep away from flame