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On holiday 5th till 19th April. No orders will be processed on shipped in this time
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Himalayan Salt Wax Burner
The Smelly Cow Co

Himalayan Salt Wax Burner

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A beautiful, raw, small Himalayan burner providing a beautiful warming glow.  

Himalayan salt is believed to help remove toxins from the air. It is thought that air-borne pollutants and dust particles are drawn to the salt, causing them to settle on the holder's surface, leaving the air cleaner. They are also believed to release negatively charged ions when heated. These are believed to bond and cancel out positive ions released by electronic devices.

Important Info

  • A natural coloured salt lamp powered by USB. The size and shape of this product may vary.
  • Do not place your salt lamp in a room/area with naturally high moisture levels, like the bathroom, the laundry, the basement or attic, and the kitchen.  The salt will collect excess moisture from the air and start to drip
  • Do not put your salt lamp on top of electronics, like microwaves, TV's, or Speakers. This is again, to prevent the moisture dripping from to enter into and ruin your electronics.
  • Do not leave your lamp exposed to the elements for extended periods, this includes outdoors areas, patios, lawns, open shed’s or next to open windows or doors. 
  • Do not wash your lamp directly with water, never wash your lamp with running water or submerge in water as it will dissolve
  • This is a pretty obvious one but just in case someone missed it we had to say it. After all is said and done your lamp is made of salt, salt dissolves in water.
  • Do not place directly on glass, wooden or leather surfaces as they will scratch the surface, always place them on a coaster or similar
  • Keep your lamp on! This helps to avoid moisture collection
  • Salt lamps do not have an expiry or use limit! 

How to clean

  • Take a clean cloth and wet it with water. Make sure the lamp is off before proceeding.
  • Wring the water out of the cloth as much as you can, making sure it’s as lightly damp as possible, and certainly not "wet"
  • With the damp cloth dab off the dust from the lamp, do not scrub. Scrubbing will smooth out the salt lamp surface making it shinier looking, and removing the rustic rough natural look of the salt
  • Once cleaned, use a clean dry cloth to dab it dry.
  • Turn the lamp on again to let the remaining moisture evaporate and voila! Your lamp is clean and good as new