XXL Candle - Christmas Collection
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XXL Candle - Christmas Collection

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This is an absolute chonker of a candle.  A statement piece which can be refilled!

Beautiful copper / gold glass vessel.  Wood wick as standard and created in small batches ensuring high quality candles every time.  These beautiful candles are the perfect way to finish your room.  Also available with unscented option.

This product is made to order so please take that into account when buying. 5-7 working days turnaround time


  • XXL approx 690g
  • Burn for at least 3 hours to begin with or until the melted wax pool reaches the glass. This will help prevent tunnelling
  • Do not burn for longer than 3-4 hours at a time
  • Always burn candle within sight, keep away from drafts, do not burn near flammable items / surfaces, keep away from children and pets